Conrad Square

Conrad Square is a multidimensional creative who makes works that are easy to recognise, but difficult to categories.

Square's signature style, which he calls "Bot Art," pairs a unique composition of big-eared, helmet wearing robots in a system of shapes, patterns, and Typography. This vivid cast of mechanical forms are a vessel to push international subjects addressing sociology, sustainability, and media culture. As well as personal topics such as nostalgia, the subconscious mind, and individuality in the Digital Age. 

A mundane lifestyle polluted Square's childhood, growing up on the East Coast of Australia. Depriving him of any authentic inspiration from his peers and surroundings, he would find himself getting lost in books and magazines of any creative sort to satisfy his colourful imagination. 

On his 18th birthday, he received the title Street Logos which saw his world become infused with wheat pastes, stencils and aerosol characters they called 'Street Art.' This collection of works proved to be the first step in his marathon obsession with everything the outside galleries had to offer.